The compliance tools provided by GitLab let you keep an eye on various aspects of your project. The following compliance tools are available:

  • Compliance Dashboard: View recent merge request activity across all projects in a group. This lets you see if merge requests were approved, and by whom.
  • License Compliance: Search your project’s dependencies for their licenses. This lets you determine if the licenses of your project’s dependencies are compatible with your project’s license.
  • Compliance framework labels: Label your projects that have unique compliance requirements.
  • Compliance pipelines: Ensure that needed compliance jobs are always run for compliance-labeled projects.
  • Audit Events: Get visibility into individual actions that have taken place in your GitLab instance, group, or project.
  • Audit Reports: Create and access reports based on the audit events that have occurred. Use pre-built GitLab reports or the API to build your own.