Dependency list

Introduced in GitLab Ultimate 12.0.

Use the dependency list to review your project’s dependencies and key details about those dependencies, including their known vulnerabilities. It is a collection of dependencies in your project, including existing and new findings. To see the dependency list, go to your project and select Security & Compliance > Dependency List. This information is sometimes referred to as a Software Bill of Materials or SBoM / BOM.

The dependency list only shows the results of the last successful pipeline to run on the default branch. This is why we recommend not changing the default behavior of allowing the secure jobs to fail.


To view your project’s dependencies, ensure you meet the following requirements:

View a project’s dependencies

Dependency list

GitLab displays dependencies with the following information:

Field Description
Component The dependency’s name and version.
Packager The packager used to install the dependency.
Location A link to the packager-specific lock file in your project that declared the dependency. It also shows the dependency path to a top-level dependency, if any, and if supported.
License Links to dependency’s software licenses.

Displayed dependencies are initially sorted by the severity of their known vulnerabilities, if any. They can also be sorted by name or by the packager that installed them.


If a dependency has known vulnerabilities, view them by clicking the arrow next to the dependency’s name or the badge that indicates how many known vulnerabilities exist. For each vulnerability, its severity and description appears below it. To view more details of a vulnerability, select the vulnerability’s description. The vulnerability’s details page is opened.

Dependency paths

The dependency list shows the path between a dependency and a top-level dependency it’s connected to, if any. There are many possible paths connecting a transient dependency to top-level dependencies, but the user interface shows only one of the shortest paths.

Dependency path

Dependency paths are supported for the following package managers:


Introduced in GitLab Ultimate 12.3.

If the License Compliance CI job is configured, discovered licenses are displayed on this page.

Downloading the dependency list

You can download your project’s full list of dependencies and their details in JSON format by selecting the download button.