Gitaly timeouts

Gitaly timeouts are configurable. The timeouts can be configured to make sure that long running Gitaly calls don’t needlessly take up resources.

To access Gitaly timeout settings:

  1. Go to Admin Area > Settings > Preferences.
  2. Expand the Gitaly section.

Available timeouts

The following timeouts can be modified:

  • Default Timeout Period. This timeout is the default for most Gitaly calls. It should be shorter than the worker timeout that can be configured for Puma or Unicorn. Used to make sure that Gitaly calls made within a web request cannot exceed the entire request timeout. Defaults to 55 seconds.

  • Fast Timeout Period. This is the timeout for very short Gitaly calls. Defaults to 10 seconds.
  • Medium Timeout Period. This timeout should be between the default and the fast timeout. Defaults to 30 seconds.