Use GitLab as a microservice

Many applications need to access JSON APIs, so application tests might need access to APIs too. The following example shows how to use GitLab as a microservice to give tests access to the GitLab API.

  1. Configure a runner with the Docker or Kubernetes executor.
  2. In your .gitlab-ci.yml add:

      - name: gitlab/gitlab-ce:latest
        alias: gitlab
      GITLAB_HTTPS: "false"             # ensure that plain http works
      GITLAB_ROOT_PASSWORD: "password"  # to access the api with user root:password
  3. To set values for the GITLAB_HTTPS and GITLAB_ROOT_PASSWORD, assign them to a variable in the user interface. Then assign that variable to the corresponding variable in your .gitlab-ci.yml file.

Then, commands in script: sections in your .gitlab-ci.yml file can access the API at http://gitlab/api/v4.

For more information about why gitlab is used for the Host, see How services are linked to the job.

You can also use any other Docker image available on Docker Hub.

The gitlab image can accept environment variables. For more details, see the Omnibus documentation.