Vulnerability Findings API

Introduced in GitLab Ultimate 12.5.

noteThis API resource is renamed from Vulnerabilities to Vulnerability Findings because the Vulnerabilities are reserved for serving Vulnerability objects. To fix any broken integrations with the former Vulnerabilities API, change the vulnerabilities URL part to be vulnerability_findings.

Every API call to vulnerability findings must be authenticated.

Vulnerability findings are project-bound entities. If a user is not a member of a project and the project is private, a request on that project results in a 404 status code.

If a user is able to access the project but does not have permission to use the Project Security Dashboard, any request for vulnerability findings of this project results in a 403 status code.

cautionThis API is in an alpha stage and considered unstable. The response payload may be subject to change or breakage across GitLab releases.

Vulnerability findings pagination

By default, GET requests return 20 results at a time because the API results are paginated.

Read more on pagination.

List project vulnerability findings

List all of a project’s vulnerability findings.

GET /projects/:id/vulnerability_findings
GET /projects/:id/vulnerability_findings?report_type=sast
GET /projects/:id/vulnerability_findings?report_type=container_scanning
GET /projects/:id/vulnerability_findings?report_type=sast,dast
GET /projects/:id/vulnerability_findings?scope=all
GET /projects/:id/vulnerability_findings?scope=dismissed
GET /projects/:id/vulnerability_findings?severity=high
GET /projects/:id/vulnerability_findings?confidence=unknown,experimental
GET /projects/:id/vulnerability_findings?pipeline_id=42
cautionBeginning with GitLab 12.9, the undefined severity and confidence level is no longer reported.
Attribute Type Required Description
id integer/string yes The ID or URL-encoded path of the project which the authenticated user is a member of.
report_type string array no Returns vulnerability findings belonging to specified report type. Valid values: sast, dast, dependency_scanning, or container_scanning. Defaults to all.
scope string no Returns vulnerability findings for the given scope: all or dismissed. Defaults to dismissed.
severity string array no Returns vulnerability findings belonging to specified severity level: info, unknown, low, medium, high, or critical. Defaults to all.
confidence string array no Returns vulnerability findings belonging to specified confidence level: ignore, unknown, experimental, low, medium, high, or confirmed. Defaults to all.
pipeline_id integer/string no Returns vulnerability findings belonging to specified pipeline.
curl --header "PRIVATE-TOKEN: <your_access_token>" ""

Example response:

    "id": null,
    "report_type": "dependency_scanning",
    "name": "Authentication bypass via incorrect DOM traversal and canonicalization in saml2-js",
    "severity": "unknown",
    "confidence": "undefined",
    "scanner": {
      "external_id": "gemnasium",
      "name": "Gemnasium"
    "identifiers": [
        "external_type": "gemnasium",
        "external_id": "9952e574-7b5b-46fa-a270-aeb694198a98",
        "name": "Gemnasium-9952e574-7b5b-46fa-a270-aeb694198a98",
        "url": ""
        "external_type": "cve",
        "external_id": "CVE-2017-11429",
        "name": "CVE-2017-11429",
        "url": ""
    "project_fingerprint": "fa6f5b6c5d240b834ac5e901dc69f9484cef89ec",
    "uuid": "31f483bc-bfc0-586d-9b92-f1015c4535b8",
    "create_vulnerability_feedback_issue_path": "/tests/yarn-remediation-test/vulnerability_feedback",
    "create_vulnerability_feedback_merge_request_path": "/tests/yarn-remediation-test/vulnerability_feedback",
    "create_vulnerability_feedback_dismissal_path": "/tests/yarn-remediation-test/vulnerability_feedback",
    "project": {
      "id": 31,
      "name": "yarn-remediation-test",
      "full_path": "/tests/yarn-remediation-test",
      "full_name": "tests / yarn-remediation-test"
    "dismissal_feedback": null,
    "issue_feedback": null,
    "merge_request_feedback": null,
    "description": "Some XML DOM traversal and canonicalization APIs may be inconsistent in handling of comments within XML nodes. Incorrect use of these APIs by some SAML libraries results in incorrect parsing of the inner text of XML nodes such that any inner text after the comment is lost prior to cryptographically signing the SAML message. Text after the comment therefore has no impact on the signature on the SAML message.\r\n\r\nA remote attacker can modify SAML content for a SAML service provider without invalidating the cryptographic signature, which may allow attackers to bypass primary authentication for the affected SAML service provider.",
    "links": [
        "url": ""
        "url": ""
        "url": ""
    "location": {
      "file": "yarn.lock",
      "dependency": {
        "package": {
          "name": "saml2-js"
        "version": "1.5.0"
    "details": {
      "custom_field": {
        "name": "URLs",
        "type": "list",
        "items": [
            "type": "url",
            "href": ""
    "solution": "Upgrade to fixed version.\r\n",
    "blob_path": "/tests/yarn-remediation-test/blob/cc6c4a0778460455ae5d16ca7025ca9ca1ca75ac/yarn.lock"