Credentials inventory

Introduced in GitLab 12.6.

GitLab administrators are responsible for the overall security of their instance. To assist, GitLab provides a Credentials inventory to keep track of all the credentials that can be used to access their self-managed instance.

Using Credentials inventory, you can see all the personal access tokens (PAT), SSH keys, and GPG keys that exist in your GitLab instance. In addition, you can revoke and delete and see:

  • Who they belong to.
  • Their access scope.
  • Their usage pattern.
  • When they expire. Introduced in GitLab 13.2.
  • When they were revoked. Introduced in GitLab 13.2.

To access the Credentials inventory, navigate to Admin Area > Credentials.

The following is an example of the Credentials inventory page:

Credentials inventory page

Revoke a user’s personal access token

Introduced in GitLab 13.4.

If you see a Revoke button, you can revoke that user’s PAT. Whether you see a Revoke button depends on the token state, and if an expiration date has been set. For more information, see the following table:

Token state Token expiration enforced? Show Revoke button? Comments
Active Yes Yes Allows administrators to revoke the PAT, such as for a compromised account
Active No Yes Allows administrators to revoke the PAT, such as for a compromised account
Expired Yes No PAT expires automatically
Expired No Yes The administrator may revoke the PAT to prevent indefinite use
Revoked Yes No Not applicable; token is already revoked
Revoked No No Not applicable; token is already revoked

When a PAT is revoked from the credentials inventory, the instance notifies the user by email.

Delete a user’s SSH key

Introduced in GitLab 13.5.

You can Delete a user’s SSH key by navigating to the credentials inventory’s SSH Keys tab. The instance then notifies the user.

Credentials inventory page - SSH keys

Review existing GPG keys

Version history
cautionThis feature might not be available to you. Check the version history note above for details.

You can view all existing GPG in your GitLab instance by navigating to the credentials inventory GPG Keys tab, as well as the following properties:

Credentials inventory page - GPG keys

Enable or disable the GPG keys view

Enabling or disabling the GPG keys view is under development but ready for production use. It is deployed behind a feature flag that is enabled by default. GitLab administrators with access to the GitLab Rails console can opt to disable it.

To enable it:


To disable it: