Run the Kubernetes Agent locally

You can run kas and agentk locally to test the Kubernetes Agent yourself.

  1. Create a cfg.yaml file from the contents of config_example.yaml, or this example:

        network: tcp
        websocket: false
        poll_period: "10s"
      address: http://localhost:3000
      authentication_secret_file: /Users/tkuah/code/ee-gdk/gitlab/.gitlab_kas_secret
  2. Create a token.txt. This is the token for the agent you created. This file must not contain a newline character. You can create the file with this command:

    echo -n "<TOKEN>" > token.txt
  3. Start the binaries with the following commands:

    # Need GitLab to start
    gdk start
    # Stop GDK's version of kas
    gdk stop gitlab-k8s-agent
    # Start kas
    bazel run //cmd/kas -- --configuration-file="$(pwd)/cfg.yaml"
  4. In a new terminal window, run this command to start agentk:

    bazel run //cmd/agentk -- --kas-address=grpc:// --token-file="$(pwd)/token.txt"

You can also inspect the Makefile for more targets.

To learn more about how the repository is structured, see GitLab Kubernetes Agent repository overview.

Run tests locally

You can run all tests, or a subset of tests, locally.

  • To run all tests: Run the command make test.
  • To run all test targets in the directory: Run the command bazel test //internal/module/gitops/server:all.

    You can use * in the command, instead of all, but it must be quoted to avoid shell expansion: bazel test '//internal/module/gitops/server:*'.

  • To run all tests in a directory and its subdirectories: Run the command bazel test //internal/module/gitops/server/....

Run specific test scenarios

To run only a specific test scenario, you need the directory name and the target name of the test. For example, to run the tests at internal/module/gitops/server/module_test.go, the BUILD.bazel file that defines the test’s target name lives at internal/module/gitops/server/BUILD.bazel. In the latter, the target name is defined like:

    name = "server_test",
    size = "small",
    srcs = [

The target name is server_test and the directory is internal/module/gitops/server/. Run the test scenario with this command:

bazel test //internal/module/gitops/server:server_test

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