Chatops on

ChatOps on allows GitLab team members to run various automation tasks on using Slack.

Requesting access

GitLab team-members may need access to Chatops on for administration tasks such as:

  • Configuring feature flags.
  • Running EXPLAIN queries against the production replica.
  • Get deployment status of all of our environments or for a specific commit: /chatops run auto_deploy status [commit_sha]

To request access to Chatops on

  1. Log into using the same username as for (you may have to rename it).
  2. Ask in the #production channel for an existing member to add you to the chatops project in Ops. They can do it by running /chatops run member add <username> gitlab-com/chatops --ops command in that channel.
Note: If you had to change your username for on the first step, make sure to reflect this information on the team page.

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