Deploy Development Branch

Clone the repository, and checkout the branch you want to deploy:

git clone
git checkout <BRANCH_NAME>

Note: You can test changes to external dependencies by modifying requirements.yaml

It is possible to test external dependencies using a local repository. Use file://PATH_TO_DEPENDENCY_REPO where the path may be relative to the chartpath or absolute. For example, if using /home/USER/charts/gitlab as the main checkout and /home/USER/charts/gitlab-runner, the relative path would be file://../gitlab-runner/ and the absolute path would be file:///home/USER/charts/gitlab-runner/. Pay close attention with absolute paths as it is very easy to miss the leading slash on the filepath.

Other steps from the installation documentation still apply. The difference is when deploying a development branch, you need to add additional upstream repos and update the local dependencies, then pass the local Git repo location to the Helm command.

From within your Git checkout of the repo, run the following Helm commands to install:

helm repo add stable
helm repo add gitlab
helm repo add jetstack
helm repo update
helm dependency update
helm upgrade --install gitlab . \
  --timeout 600s \
  --set global.imagePullPolicy=Always \
  --set \
  --set global.hosts.externalIP= \
Note: If using Helm v2, the stable repository is installed by Helm automatically. There are no adverse effects if it is added again.
Note: If using Helm v2, please see notes about the --timeout option in the Deployment documentation.