Using the GitLab-Exporter chart

The gitlab-exporter sub-chart provides Prometheus metrics for GitLab application-specific data. It talks to PostgreSQL directly to perform queries to retrieve data for CI builds, pull mirrors, etc. In addition, it uses the Sidekiq API, which talks to Redis to gather different metrics around the state of the Sidekiq queues (e.g. number of jobs).


This chart depends on Redis and PostgreSQL services, either as part of the complete GitLab chart or provided as external services reachable from the Kubernetes cluster on which this chart is deployed.


The gitlab-exporter chart is configured as follows: Global Settings and Chart Settings.

Installation command line options

The table below contains all the possible chart configurations that can be supplied to the helm install command using the --set flags.

Parameter Default Description
annotations   Pod annotations
enabled true GitLab Exporter enabled flag
extraContainers   List of extra containers to include
extraInitContainers   List of extra init containers to include
extraVolumeMounts   List of extra volumes mountes to do
extraVolumes   List of extra volumes to create
image.pullPolicy IfNotPresent GitLab image pull policy
image.pullSecrets   Secrets for the image repository
image.repository GitLab Exporter image repository
image.tag   Unicorn image tag
init.image.repository   initContainer image
init.image.tag   initContainer image tag
metrics.enabled true Toggle Prometheus metrics exporter
metrics.port 9168 Listen port for the Prometheus metrics exporter
resources.requests.cpu 75m GitLab Exporter minimum cpu
resources.requests.memory 100M GitLab Exporter minimum memory
service.externalPort 9168 GitLab Exporter exposed port
service.internalPort 9168 GitLab Exporter internal port gitlab-exporter GitLab Exporter service name
service.type ClusterIP GitLab Exporter service type
tolerations [] Toleration labels for pod assignment
psql.port   Set PostgreSQL server port. Takes precedence over global.psql.port

Chart configuration examples


pullSecrets allows you to authenticate to a private registry to pull images for a pod.

Additional details about private registries and their authentication methods can be found in the Kubernetes documentation.

Below is an example use of pullSecrets:

  repository: my.unicorn.repository
  pullPolicy: Always
  - name: my-secret-name
  - name: my-secondary-secret-name


annotations allows you to add annotations to the GitLab Exporter pods. For example:

annotations: annotation-value

Global Settings

We share some common global settings among our charts. See the Globals Documentation for common configuration options, such as GitLab and Registry hostnames.

Chart Settings

The following values are used to configure the GitLab Exporter pod.


By default, the pod exposes a metrics endpoint at /metrics. When metrics are enabled, annotations are added to each pod allowing a Prometheus server to discover and scrape the exposed metrics.