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GitLab Runner bleeding edge releases

Warning: These are the latest, probably untested releases of GitLab Runner built straight from master branch. Use at your own risk.

Download the standalone binaries

You can then run the Runner with:

chmod +x gitlab-runner-linux-amd64
./gitlab-runner-linux-amd64 run

Download one of the packages for Debian or Ubuntu

You can then install it with:

dpkg -i gitlab-runner_386.deb

Download one of the packages for RedHat or CentOS

You can then install it with:

rpm -i gitlab-runner_386.rpm

Download any other tagged release

Simply replace master with either tag (v0.2.0 or 0.4.2) or latest (the latest stable). For a list of tags see For example:

If you have problem downloading through https, fallback to plain http:

Last updated 2017-10-09

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