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Introduced in GitLab Ultimate 10.4. Brought to GitLab Core in 10.7.

The Web IDE editor makes it faster and easier to contribute changes to your projects by providing an advanced editor with commit staging.

Enable the Web IDE

While in the early stages of the Beta, access to the Web IDE is by opting in.

To enable the Web IDE, click on your profile image in the top right corner and navigate to Settings > Preferences, check Enable Web IDE and save.

Enable Web IDE

Open the Web IDE

The Web IDE can be opened when viewing a file, from the repository file list, and from merge requests.

Open Web IDE

Commit changes

Changed files are shown on the right in the commit panel. All changes are automatically staged. To commit your changes, add a commit message and click the 'Commit Button'.

Commit changes

Comparing changes

Before you commit your changes, you can compare them with the previous commit by switching to the review mode or selecting the file from the staged files list.

An additional review mode is available when you open a merge request, which shows you a preview of the merge request diff if you commit your changes.

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