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Milestones allow you to organize issues and merge requests into a cohesive group, optionally setting a due date. A common use is keeping track of an upcoming software version. Milestones can be created per-project or per-group.

Creating a project milestone

Note: You need Master permissions in order to create a milestone.

You can find the milestones page under your project's Issues ➔ Milestones. To create a new milestone, simply click the New milestone button when in the milestones page. A milestone can have a title, a description and start/due dates. Once you fill in all the details, hit the Create milestone button.

Creating a milestone

Creating a group milestone

Note: You need Master permissions in order to create a milestone.

You can create a milestone for several projects in the same group simultaneously. On the group's Issues ➔ Milestones page, you will be able to see the status of that milestone across all of the selected projects. To create a new milestone for selected projects in the group, click the New milestone button. The form is the same as when creating a milestone for a specific project with the addition of the selection of the projects you want to inherit this milestone.

Creating a group milestone

Special milestone filters

In addition to the milestones that exist in the project or group, there are some special options available when filtering by milestone:

Milestone progress statistics

Milestone statistics can be viewed in the milestone sidebar. The milestone percentage statistic is calculated as; closed and merged merge requests plus all closed issues divided by total merge requests and issues.

Milestone statistics